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  TRAINER: Annemarie Steen

 6092annemarie250x140 Dutch trainer Annemarie Steen (MA) cooperates with Invicta since 2014.

Annemarie is recognized as thought leader on Playfulness in business, being invited to speak at TEDxTallaght in Dublin (2014). She has more than 15 years of relevant experience in the professional Training Industry, developing and delivering training for leaders, managers and teams in The Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, USA, Istanbul and Estonia. She cooperates with THNK (School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam and Stanford University.


Feedback to Annemarie’s training with Invicta: Very good out of the box training where you learn by experiencing and at the same time it is so much fun. Many basic (leadership and life’s) principles that you experience from a very different perspective.


As a result of the training:

Participants develop creative and playful style of leadership where they will be able to lead with PLAY!:

…are able to connect to others from being present and in the moment.

… take courage to try new ways and leave behind the comfortzone

…allow themselves to be changed, being able to let go of old patterns that no longer serve


…are able to apply processes that start with a Yes AND mentality where you collaboratively built upon each others ideas

…are able to create a positive and playful work-environment.


Participants have created personal development plan to implement the new experience after the training



Today’s leadership paradigms

The difference between managing vs leading

Your vision for the future

Dealing with fear in a playful way

Connecting from the heart

Empathetic listening skills


What do we (and our people) need to FLOURISH?

How to create a flourishing work-environment

Recognition and appreciation

Presenting with Impact

Taking action

Summarising the training

Personal development plan for implementing the new learning and experience


Number of participants: 16 persons
Duration of the training: 2 days (10.00-17.00)

Certificates will be issued to particpants who complete the personal development plan as a result of the training.


Invicta trainings are carried out by applying pro-active training methods, ie new skills are learnt through practical activities and personal experience. The training will include:
• 75% of pro-active training methods including Playful Experiential Learning, a ‘whole mind’ approach. All learning activities are designed to combine evidence from research from Positive Psychology, Behavioral Economy and Social Neuroscience with meaningful fun activities that invoke emotions (All learning has an emotional base – Plato). Participants will learn while having fun. Emphasis is laid on reflection of the experience, because “it’s not from experience that we learn, but from reflecting upon our experiences.” The insights that will be the result of the reflection will be translated into practical daily applications.
• 25% of brief lectures on theories supported by explanations and real life experiences by the trainer



9,20 (10 participants on the scale of 10)

Mentoring and coaching skills

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